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Billabong Garden Complex is your year round garden solution. Discover exciting new plants and everyday garden varieties, plant health products and tools, water features and pots, design ideas and inspiration from our gorgeous gift shop.


Wander the expansive garden nursery where you'll find natives and exotics in small tubes through to advanced plants for instant impact.  Plants to suit all garden styles are available from a small courtyard area to a large rambling garden on acreage, formal gardens and tropical style gardens.  Customers will also find plants for a range of applications including foliage impact, mass plantings, flower displays and feature plants.  Billabong also holds a license to grow many exciting new varieties of plant species as seen on television gardening programs and within magazines. A large percentage of the plants are grown onsite within the propagation nursery, resulting in them being grown to local conditions, ideal for local gardens. 


The indoor showroom is home to a large range of homewares and gifts.  See beautiful displays with unique and different products and gift ideas that are hand selected by our staff to provide you with something to suit all decors and styles.  Choose colourful artworks, scented candles, garden and indoor ornaments, garden inspired lamps, coloured gardening gloves, garden furniture and more.


Billabong also has all you need to spray, prune and maintain your garden for healthy foliage, prolific flowering and bumper crops.


Whilst providing all your gardening needs, Billabong Garden Complex also has another important function; the complex is a Social Enterprise.  Operated by ConnectGV, Billabong Garden Complex provides employment through community connections and enables supported employees with a disability the opportunity to work in their community within the on-site Propagation Nursery, learn new skills and earn a wage. Each and every purchase at Billabong supports local people with a disability, be it a plant, giftware or allied product.  Billabong has it's own label for the plants grown onsite by supported employees.  The labels enable customers to ‘Look For The Billabong logo’ and easily identify the plants that have been grown on-site within the Billabong Propagation Nursery and have therefore provided direct employment for a local person with a disability.  

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