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Supplier to landscapers and gardeners, local Government, builders and nurseries

A purchase from a social enterprise is the most impactful transaction you will make!  You purchase quality products or services required for your business to thrive, whilst at the same time you meet your social procurement requirements.  However, it is the ripple on effects where the impact is really appreciated.


Billabong Garden Complex can supply the green life stocks you require for your commercial project, government department, large private project, landscaping business or to fulfil orders for your retail nursery, Billabong Garden Complex is a great place to start! 

Supported employees with a disability work alongside qualified horticulturalists to produce tens of thousands of plants annually.  The range of green life produced is extensive including native plants, ornamentals/cottage/hedging plants, licensed native plants species (including Ozbreed, Bush Magik and Austraflora), deciduous trees, camellias and more.  This extensive range of green life is produced in varying pot sizes from tube stock to advanced trees. Billabong is also a part of a group of other social enterprise production nurseries that work together to fulfil large scale commercial orders.  In addition,
long-standing connections with a substantial network of growers ensure diversity in their own retail nursery and enable efficient and quality assured sourcing of other species outside of Billabong’s plant repertoire to meet your requirements.

Wholesale Plant Sales

Landscapers, Government, builders and nurseries purchase at trade prices, directly from the on-site Propagation Nursery. A large variety of plants are grown on-site to local conditions and Billabong holds the licence to grow many new plant species.

Plants can be purchased in bulk or contract grown to your requirements. Quality is paramount, all plants go through an establishment and hardening off process ready to plant into your garden. Billabong is a not for profit Social Enterprise of ConnectGV that provides employment through community connections. By purchasing plants from Billabong you are providing employment and training options for people with a disability.


If you are a trade customer and would like to purchase from Billabong please click on the link below to apply to set up a trade  account.


Wholesale Plant List

Please follow the link to view the current wholesale plant list.  For more information regarding applying for a Trade Account or for prices, please contact Billabong Garden Complex on 5821 8632.

Contract Growing

Billabong specialises in contract growing for large commercial or residential planting projects. Native and exotic plants are grown to local conditions onsite
within the Billabong Propagation Nursery.

The experienced Billabong team can assist with plant selection and grow for parks and wetland redevelopment, streetscapes and landscape masterplans. Talk to the Billabong team about your project requirements and to obtain a quote.

Billabong Garden Complex is Social Traders Certified.  When you purchase from Billabong, we supply you with quality products and services that fulfill your social procurement commitment. 

If you are a trade customer and would like to purchase from Billabong, please call us to enquire about a trade account, or click on the button below to complete a Trade Account application form.

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