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Beautiful Plants For Every Garden

Billabong Garden Complex grow and stock an extensive range of exotic and native plants to suit all garden themes and styles in varying sized pots from small tubes through to advanced trees and shrubs for instant gardens.  A large percentage of the plants are grown on site within the propagation nursery.  You'll find everyday garden varieties and Billabong holds the licence to grow many exciting new varieties.


Choose from seasonal seedlings; flowers for mass plantings and colour impact or herbs and vegetables to delight the senses and the taste buds! Advanced trees and shrubs are available year round for instant impact in your garden.  Or, purchase advanced ornamentals, weepers, roses and fruit trees in their less expense bare root form during the winter months.


Nothing beats the taste of fresh, create an orchard in your backyard.  Billabong has a large range of fruit and citrus trees, including double grafts, old favourites and new varieties.  Billabong  is your year round garden solution and the experienced staff provide all the tips and tricks to make your garden grow!

Billabong is a Lisenced Grower Of Ozbreed Plants

Billabong Garden Complex is pleased to be a lisenced grower of a selection of Ozbreed plants that are no fuss, functional, drought tolerant plants.

The Ozbreed plants that Billabong grows are bred for their improved varieties that are tougher, more uniform and often need less maintenance and water.  To view the range of plants that Billabong is licensed to grow for Ozbreed please follow the link to go the the Ozbreed website.

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