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Plants and Allied Products, Pots and Water Features, Gifts, Advice and Inspiration

At Billabong we provide you with all you need to make your garden grow within tranquil surrounds and displays for ideas and inspiration. As soon as you step outside you will be welcomed by the wonderful sights and smells from the array of potted colour, herbs and seedlings.  As you wander, take in the ambience of the displays and water features while you browse the extensive range of exotic and native plants.

Plants and Allied Products

An extensive range of exotic and native plants to suit all garden themes and styles in varying sized pots from small tubes through to advanced trees and shrubs for instant gardens.  A large percentage of the plants are grown on site within the propagation nursery.  You'll find everyday garden varieties and Billabong holds the licence to grow many exciting new varieties.  Billabong also has all you need to spray, prune and maintain your garden for healthy foliage, prolific flowering and bumper crops.


Pots and Water Features

Pots and water features provide structure, colour, impact and ambience to any garden or outdoor area.  Choose pots in a range of colours and sizes, made from terracotta, concrete, ceramic and Billabong also has a lightweight range.


Water feature are also available in a range of sizes and made from various materials.  You'll find a water feature to suit all gardens including rustic settings and contemporary spaces.


The indoor showroom is home to a large range of homewares and gifts.  See beautiful displays with unique and different products and gift ideas that are hand selected by our staff to provide you with something to suit all decors and styles.  Choose colourful artworks, scented candles, garden and indoor ornaments, garden inspired lamps, coloured gardening gloves, garden furniture and more.  

Advice and Inspiration

Billabong's experienced staff can assist you to choose the right plant for successful plantings and to suit all applications.  Displays are changed regularly to provide you with ideas and inspiration for your garden projects.  If you are at the planning stage, talk to the Billabong staff, they can assist you with plant placement ideas and applications to ensure your garden provides you with year round impact and enjoyment.

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