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Supported Employment

Billabong Propagation Nursery, whilst providing a huge range of quality plants to the local community, has another important function in that it provides supported employment opportunities to local people with a disability. Billabong Garden Complex is a Social Enterprise operated by ConnectGV, enabling supported employees the opportunity to work within their community, learn new skills and earn a wage.  Working conditions are based on an award and wages are determined by assessment of productivity against an award rate. Qualified and experienced staff ensure employees are supported to develop skills enabling them to undertake the various functions within the propagation nursery including seed propagation, taking cuttings, potting on, utilising the potting machine, pruning, fertilsing, watering, pricing stock, packing stock for orders and stock movement through to the retail nursery.  Some of the supported employees within the nursery are also completing or have completed certificated horticultural courses.


When buying from the Billabong retail nursery you will see the plants grown within the propagation nursery by supported employees are branded with a Billabong label .... look for the frog for plants grown onsite!


To find out more about becoming a supported employee at Billabong Garden Complex please contact the ConnectGV on 5821 2466 or follow the link to send an email.


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