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Thatch Roofing Material


General information about Billabong's thatch roofing material


  • Thatch roofing material is made from Alang Alang grass.

  • Alang Alang grass is native to Indonesia.

  • The grass is hand lashed to bamboo battens 3m in length.

  • The thatch does not require lining, as the grass when installed appropriately is water proof.

  • Alang Alang grass thatch is very decorative both from an external and internal perspective.

  • The thatch edge can be finished in various ways including cut in a straight line, partially trimmed or left with the natural fringe effect.

  • Alang Alang grass thatching will change colour to silvery/grey shade overtime, however the underside will remain similar to that of its original installation colour.

  • Alang Alang grass thatch is very functional and can be used for garden pavilions, over or beside swimming pools, over spas and entertainment areas and has various uses within resorts and restaurants.


Thatch roofing material price


  • 3 mt Length - $31.40*


  • 2 mt Hip Covers - $41.00*


Billabong's display pavilion

The display pavilion at Billabong is 5 mt x 4 mt.  Approx 100 x 2.1 mt lengths and 6 x 1.8mt hip covers were utlised.


* Please note that VIP discounts, sales or offes do not apply to the purchase of thatch roofing materials .


For assistance with the amount of thatch required for your pavilion, please contact Henry Draper on the phone numbers below and provide him with the measurements of your pavilion.

Henry Draper Ph/Fax: 03 9714 8211  Mobile: 0438 714 821


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